Field Water Penetration Tests for Windows and Curtain Walls

12:00-12:40 | Day 1, 9 July 2024 | Speaker: Ana Morales

Windows and facades are essential components in a building’s envelope. Nowadays, facade designs are characterized by their versatility, innovation and constant progress. However, there is a critical risk that cannot be assessed at first glance: water penetration.

Water penetration into windows and curtain walls is a common problem that can cause considerable damage to interior finishes and even jeopardize structural integrity of the building if not properly addressed.

Field Water Penetration Test, conducted during installation at different stages of the construction, ensure the manufacturing and installation process. These tests allow us to evaluate the quality of construction and take timely corrective measures to mitigate any long-term negative impacts.

Discover how Field Water Penetration Test are fundamental to ensuring safety, quality and durability in window and curtain wall construction.