Stand. C24

Intelligent machinery for flat glass storage, loading and cutting

A+W Software GmbH

Stand. C27

Develops innovative comprehensive solutions for the glass, windows and doors industry

FDS Glass Corporation

Stand. A24

Tempering furnace, cutting tables, production automation, lamination lines, and more

Maquinaria Felipe

Stand. A1

Aluminum and PVC carpentry machinery

Jackson Corporation Mexico

Stand. D20

Hardware for tempered glass, aluminum doors and windows, bathroom door hinges and more

AGM Herrajes y Tornillos SA de CV

Stand. C20

Screws and hardware for aluminum, glass and carpentry

Hangzhou Jinglass Machinery Co Ltd.

Stand. C10

Glass Machinery, architectural flat bending series

Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand. A24

T Series glass tempering furnace, A Series glass tempering furnace

Rider Glass Company Ltd.

Stand. G20

Transparent float glass, tinted and reflective glass, silver mirrors, aluminum mirrors and more

Comercializadora Dublin

Stand. D10

Hardware for aluminum and glass

CRLaredo Hardware

Stand. F16



Stand. F16

Stainless steel for tempered glass

Sellasilicones, SA de CV

Stand. F8

Single and two-component structural silicones, climate neutral and acetic silicones and more

LiteSentry LLC

Stand. D28

Quality and dimension control, load test, break pattern test and more

Sistemas Especializados Vitec SA de CV

Stand. C8

Bathroom hardware, bathroom gates, access hardware and more

Herralum Industrial SA de CV

Stand. A20

Hardware and accessories for architectural aluminum and tempered glass

Marbolz Vetrostile S.A. de C.V.

Stand. E9

Glass working machinery, spare parts, grinding wheels, consumables, accessories and more

CGTECH Glass Machinery Co Ltd

Stand. F20

Glass double edger production line, glass double edger, glass edger and more

Luoyang Gangxin Glass Technology Co. Ltd

Stand. F13

Glass processing technology

Liaoning Alger Building Material Industrial Co., Ltd.

Stand. E24

Aluminum / butyl spacer bar, 3A molecular sieve and more

Qingdao Hipad International Trade Co., Ltd.

Stand. D4

Door and window roller wheels, bearings and more

Shanghai Refine Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stand. A10

Glass tempering furnace

Jinan Weili Machine Co., Ltd

Stand. C16

CNC vertical glass drilling and milling machine, insulating glass production line and more

Anhui Angu High Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. G27

SGP ionic intermediate membrane, TPU bulletproof film and more

Anhui YinRui Glass Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. E30

Automatic cutting system, fully automatic laser coding and cutting machine and more


Stand. D8

Profiles for aluminum gates

Bavelloni SpA

Stand. D27

Straight-line edging machines, washing machines, bevelling machines, double-edging machines and more

Beijing Chang Yi-He Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Stand. E28

I.G. line, automatic sealing robot, two-component sealant extruder and more

Beijing Jeffoptics Company Limited

Stand. E20

Surface tension meter,
secondary image separation test system

Crimsafe North America

Stand. E5

Security and storm screens for doors, windows, commercial properties and more

Distribuidora de Herrajes para Aluminio Estadio

Stand. E8

Aluminum fittings for tempered glass and more

Euro Herrajes de Occidente

Stand. D5

Specialized fittings for perimeter lines in the Mexican market

Roto Window and Door Technology

Stand. D5

Tilt-and-turn systems, window installation and glazing, door hinges and more

Euro Industry Co., Ltd

Stand. G18

Glass products

Zhaoqing Zhisheng Metal Product Co., Ltd

Stand. F14

Bathroom shower hinge, glass fixture, glass clamp and more

Foshan JinFeng Glass Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. F27

Relevant with glass, mirror

Foshan Star Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. F11

Glass tempering furnace, glass edge machine, glass beveling machine and more

Guangdong BLM Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. F21

Glass drilling, washing, and milling machines and more

Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Stand. C4

General purpose and silicone sealant for doors and windows and more

Guangzhou Huatian Glass Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. G19

Glass polishing machine, glass edge machine and more

HEGLA Corporation

Stand. F29

Automation equipment for glass processing and fabrications plants

Herrajes Europeos, SA de CV

Stand. F5

European hardware, machinery and accessories of the highest quality for aluminum and PVC

Tecnologia en Sistemas de Cierre

Stand. F5

Aluminum carpentry locks, mortise for metal carpentry, overlay lock, cylinders and more


Stand. F5

European machinery and accessories of the highest quality for aluminum and PVC

Manufacturas Pabose

Stand. F5

Hardware for windows


Stand. F5

Window hardware, window hinges, restrictors, auxiliaries, locks, door handles and more


Stand. F5

Manufacturing of window hardware

Dalian Great Liftmatic Co., Ltd

Stand. G2

Garage door opener and industrial door opener

Foshan Grand Shine Supply Chain Co., Ltd

Stand. G3

Aluminum profiles, sheets, circles, panels

Integra Glass

Stand. E11

Aluminum bathroom doors

Jinan Demac Machine Co., Ltd

Stand. G8

Machines for processing glass, machines for processing aluminum profiles

China Liaoning North Machine Co., Ltd

Stand. E27

Laminated glass autoclave, laminated glass line and more


Stand. G21

Glass grooving machines, glass washing machines and more

Mavhisa, S.A. de C.V.

Stand. A10

Machinery-products, tools, polishers, spare parts and supplies, abrasives

Guangzhou Sanken Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stand. B1

Glass processing, glass machinery factory equipment and more

Qingdao Cristall Glass Co., Ltd

Stand. E29

Mirror, tempered glass, laminated glass, etched glass, patterned glass and more

Productos Pennsylvania, SA de CV

Stand. D16

A wide range of sealants, vinyl packaging and tapes for aluminum, glass and hardware

Quanzhou Giant Alarm System Co., Ltd

Stand. F2

Manufacturer of automated gate openers and more

Dongguan Huacai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand. G29

Laminated and fire resistant glass production lines and more

Shunde Golive Glass Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. E21

All kinds of automatic double edging production lines

Wuqiang Huihuang Fiberglass Factory

Stand. D2

Window mosquito net, sunshade cloth, window blind and more

ASSA ABLOY México S.A. de C.V.

Stand. H11

Tempered glass hardware, aluminum hardware, digital locks


Stand. G9

Aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, plush, accessories for doors and windows, locks, among others

Hanci Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Lamination line, autoclave, horizontal washing machine, vertical washing machine, special tempered glass, etc.

Beijing Pujinli Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Cutting tables and cutting lines

Selim Glass Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Glass edger, glass beveler (both straight line) and more

Tianjin Window Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Screen printing machines and matching equipment

Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Flat tempering line and more

SEM Specialty Products

Stand. F1

Extruded sealants and more

Luoyang Auto Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. F23

Flat glass tempering furnace

Quattrolifts USA

Stand. D24

Glass lifting machines


Stand. H8

Sealants and glues

Distribuidora de Herrajes para Aluminio SA de CV

Stand. C1

Glass and aluminum hardware


Stand. G26

Glass tempering furnaces

Shandong XY International Trade Co., Ltd

Stand. H26

Automatic insulation glass machine, double insulated glass


Stand. A20

Integrated lines & machines for glass machinery in furniture, construction and automotive industries


Stand. A20

Distribution of machinery for glass, aluminum and PVC


Stand. A20

Exclusive design and development of handrail and handrail systems, safe and easy to install.


Stand. A20

Tool production for machining glass, stone and ceramic materials


Stand. A20

Production of accessories for aluminum carpentry, aluminum windows


Stand. A20

Production of alveolar polycarbonate for construction


Stand. A20

We serve the automotive, machinery, semiconductor and display industries


Stand. A20

High productivity laminating furnace for EVA films, AB-AR films PUJOL 100 SERIES


Stand. A20

Door closers, hydraulic hinges and automatic systems


Stand. A20

High quality machinery


Stand. C22

Manufacture of equipment for handling flat glass


Stand. C22

Adhesives and sealants, PU foams, glues, fixing tapes, sprays and sanitizers


Stand. C22

Aluminum and PVC carpentry machinery

Luoyang Shencheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Stand. G23

Glass tempering furnace

Qingdao Glorious Future Energy-Saving Glass Co., Ltd

Stand. G25

Tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, low E and more

Qingdao Jundun Glass Co., Ltd

Stand. H18

Grade A laminated glass and float glass

Distribuidora de Aluminio Mena (Alugama)

Stand. A4

Aluminium, glass and hardware

Soudal Mexico

Stand. H9

Adhesives, Sealants, PU foams, Sprays


Stand. H29

Architectural Glass


Stand. E3

Adhesives, Sealants


Stand. G30

Architectural Glass

Luoyang Disai Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

Stand. G28

Glass cutting line, glass cutting machine, laser marking machine

Jiangxi Fangda Tech Co., Ltd.

Stand. H4

Fiberglass door, steel door, PVC door jamb

Beijing Boza Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stand. G15

Insulated glass lines (double glazed)


Stand. H30

Fire resistive doors and fire protective doors

Shandong Care Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand. J22

Glass cutting machine, glass washing machine, insulating glass machine, and more

Dashiqiao Hengyuan Aluminum Products

Stand. F3

Aluminum profiles

Qinghe Pangu Sealing Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. H2

PU foam weather stripping for all kinds of doors and windows

Qingdao Hexad Glass Co., Ltd.

Stand. G31

Float glass, reflective glass, pattern glass, laminated glass, mirror glass, tempered glass, decorative glass, technical glass

Jinan Wondec Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. H24

PVC door-window processing machines, aluminum door-window processing machines

Shandong Qilu Ethylene Chemicals Co., Ltd

Stand. J30

PVB film, PVB interlayer, polyvinyl butyral interlayer


Stand. F12

EVA/SGP laminated glass machine, PVB laminated glass production line with autoclave, and more

Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Ltd.

Stand. D1

Vacuum coating equipment, glass coating line

Green Vine Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. G15

Glass CNC machinery

Shandong Lechao New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. J3

Silicone sealant

Foshan Kaida Hardware Products Co., Ltd

Stand. J1

Glass hardware for construction

Luoyang Easttec Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand. J27

Glass tempering furnace

Glaston OYJ Abp

Stand. B12

Machines and services for the production of heat-treated glass, insulating glass manufacturing and more

Stron Technology Co., Ltd

Stand. H10

Glass cutting machine

Hubei Juren Machinery, Ltd.

Stand. E2

Glass cutting machine, glass grinding machine, CNC glass working center, glass washing machine

Guangdong Shunde Timbery Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand. F30

Glass tempering machine, toughened glass furnace

Macotec SRL

Stand. B18

Cutting table for float glass


Stand. C12

Glass processing machines

Forel S.P.A.

Stand. B10

Manufacturing of flat glass and IG processing machinery

America del Sur Co., Ltd

Stand. J19

Window and door fitting accessories and aluminum profiles

Jowat de México, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Stand. J14


Lingbo (Shandong) CNC Machinery Co., Ltd

Stand. F10

Insulating glass machine, insulating glass line, sealing robot

Kenwa Trading Corporation

Stand. E1

Door hinges, door closers, door operators

Yaohua (Qinhuangdao) Special Glass Co., Ltd

Stand. G7

High quality float glass, special glass, deep processing glass

Böttcher Sistemas S. de R.L. de C.V.

Stand. E7

Industrial rollers and cleaning chemicals for machinery

Shandong Pinhe Automation Equipment Co. Ltd.

Stand. H25

Insulated glass production line, sealing robot and more


Stand. E09

Technology for cutting, edgers and bevelers, drilling machines, CNC, laminated glass and more


Stand. H16

All type of Glass


aluminum profile manufacturers

Stand. B4

Deka Makinaleri Tic. Ltd. Ltd.

Stand. E15

Glass processing Machinery


Stand. G1


Qinhuangdao Qihang Glass Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Stand. H24

Convection / Passing Type / Double Chambers Tempering Furnace

GudeTech Co., Ltd.

Stand. C5

Sand Blasting Machine
Vertical automatic sandblasting machine
Automatic smart mirror sand blasting machine