Acofal S. L.  Número de stand: G6


Introducción de la empresa:

Acofal, S.L., founded in 1990, is dedicated to the manufacture of fittings and accessories for aluminum enclosures.
In a process of dynamic growth, it has been able to consolidate both in the national and international markets in a very short time.
Acofal, S.L. It is equipped with the necessary elements to maintain a successful career: technology, a system of own work arising from constant improvement and a qualified team.

His target: the technical perfection.
The accessories manufactured by Acofal, S.L. They meet the highest demands in terms of quality, design and functionality.
Quality control is a fundamental point for Acofal, S.L., since it is the best tool to obtain the total confidence of our clients. Each of the products is subject to demanding and rigorous controls before final shipment, and all manufacturing processes are regulated under the procedures of the European quality standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001.
Acofal, S.L. does not hide his philosophy: the total satisfaction of the aluminum professional.


Corner Joint and Unions | Casament
Sliding | Tilt and Turn Mechanism
Security Window | Locks
Railing | Curtain Wall
Ventilated Facades | Bifolding
Punching Machine | Framework