Anhui YinRui Glass machinery Co.,Ltd    Número de stand: E30


Company introduction :

Externally, Yinrui Intelligence relies on customers and partners, insists on being customer-centric, and creates value for customers through innovative products; internally, it relies on hard-working employees, and is based on strugglers, so that contributors can get reasonable returns; and with supply Businesses, partners, industrial organizations, colleges and universities, research institutions, etc. to build a win-win ecological circle, to promote technological progress and industrial development; we comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country where our business is located, create employment and bring tax contributions to the local glass industry , and maintain open communication with the government, media, etc.


Automatic cutting system , Fully automatic laser coding and cutting machine , Intelligent automatic cutting line.

Intelligent building glass cleaning equipment,  Intelligent photovoltaic glass gantry drilling system,  Intelligent six-axis robotic arm, storage system, Fully automatic laser marking system