Bavelloni SPA      Número de stand: D27


Company introduction :

Bavelloni is a brand that made the history of flat glass processing equipment.

Since 1946, we have constantly supported innovation, understood as developing new products and production methods that can improve our customers’ results in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The experience acquired through thousands of machines designed, produced and installed worldwide is our guarantee of unmatched reliability and quality.

Bavelloni is a completely Italian Company and 100% of our products is made in Italy. Our main priority has always been assisting our customers and growing together, developing effective solutions and long-lasting collaborations.

Our commitment is to continually do more to offer you the best experience. Always.


Straight-line edging machines,  Washing Machines, Bevelling Machines, Double-Edging Machines, Working centers, Cutting Tables, Drilling/ Milling Machines