Beijing Boza Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.   Stand number: G15


Insulated glass lines (double glazed)

Introduction of the company:

Beijing Boza Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. Is an innovative manufacturer of machines used in the production of insulated glass, located in Beijing, China. Since the inception of the company, we have been focused on providing insulated glass machinery and accessories for architectural glass customers. With our R&D and manufacturing strength, we can provide Automatic Spacer Bending Machine, Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine, Automatic Vertical Edge Deletion Machine, Automatic I.G. Production Line, Automatic Sealing Robot, Automatic Glass Loading Machine, Manual Two Component Sealants Extruder, Butyl Extruder, Rotating Sealing Table, Spacer Frame Conveyor and so on.

We provide useful and helpful products based on customer budgets, workshop size and the requirements for products they are seeking. According to the development stage of your business and your specific requirements, we offer professional solutions to provide the right glass equipment for your needs.