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Introducción de la empresa:

At Exlabesa we have been shaping your projects for more than 50 years anywhere in the world. We are a world leader in the extrusion and manufacturing of high-value aluminum profiles for the most demanding industrial sectors. Present commercially in more than 40 countries, it has 10 production plants located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Poland, Morocco, Portugal and France.

We have extraordinary production capacities, with 29 extrusion presses ranging from 13 MN to 85 MN, which allow us to manufacture without limits industrial aluminum components of large dimensions and high technical complexity fully adapted to the needs of customers and respectful with the environment.


• 29 extrusion presses
• 12 RPT assembly lines
• 32 machining centers
• 9 lacquer plants
• 5 anodizing plants
• 3 bending centers
• 4 recycling plants

Exlabesa Architecture

At Exlabesa Architecture we design and develop carpentry systems and aluminum facades that contribute to the well-being and comfort of people, to the sustainability of our buildings and to the improvement of our environment.

As a specialist in aluminum systems for architecture, we offer you from our SUPPORT HUB technical advice for your building projects, carrying out construction details, acoustic, thermal and inertia calculations, tests, etc.
We also have documentation in CAD, BIM and BC3 format.

exlabesa systems:

Openable windows and doors
Windows and sliding doors
entrance doors
Ventilation louvers
Sun protection slats
Curtain wall

Download the General Catalog to see the full range of Exlabesa systems:


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001
Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualimarine


aluminum profile manufacturers

ARS-72 Mínima

A minimalist-cut hinged system with a subtle and elegant 16 mm exposed leaf design, inspired by industrial aesthetic profiles. It has 3 design variants (straight, stepped and chamfered) and two bar options. Outstanding values ​​in AEV tests (Class 4/E2100/C5), acoustic attenuation (45 dB) and thermal transmittance (Uw: 0.9 W/m2K).


The ARS-72 Hidden Leaf system stands out for its minimalist appearance that gives elegance to any building. Outstanding results in the AEV Class 4, E2550 and C5 tests, an excellent Uw thermal value of 0.8 W/m2K and an acoustic attenuation of 44 dB.

CRS-140 Minimalista

The CRS-140 minimalist sliding system has an innovative and optimized design, offering exceptional versatility, easily adapting to different configurations, openings and types of work. 25 mm central knot and invisible horizontal profiles that guarantee maximum transparency, with a glass surface of up to 99%. It incorporates advanced technical solutions such as integrated floor or free corner. Exceptional technical performance: AEV (Class 3/8A/C5), acoustic attenuation of 42 dB and thermal transmittance Uw of 1.0 W/m2K.

Exlabesa, extruding and shaping your world