Which was the first glass factory in Mexico? History of Vidriera Monterrey

Which was the first glass factory in Mexico? History of Vidriera Monterrey

Nuevo Leon became the industrial cradle of the country in many areas, one of them being glass, which began with the Vidriera Monterrey factory.

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The glass industry is one of the most important in Mexico, as glass can be seen in all kinds of domestic and industrial applications, from the windows of houses and buildings, car windshields, to bottles and light bulbs.

This massification of the production and use of glass in this country had a very interesting beginning, and historically the Mexican glass industry was consolidated in the state of Nuevo León.


We have to clarify something, and that is that the manufacture of glass did not start in Monterrey; the first glass factory in Mexico was established in the city of Puebla. It was founded by Martin de Renteria in 1542. This artisan glass factory in Puebla produced blown glass and became one of the first of its kind in America. The glass produced in this factory was used to manufacture decorative objects, windows and various containers. The glass factory in Puebla was an important center of glass production in New Spain, and played a crucial role in the development of the glass industry in Mexico.

However, the participation of Puebla in this market failed to consolidate in the industrial era due to lack of investment to promote its massification. For three hundred and fifty years, glass production was centralized in that city, and it was not until 1889 that Camilo Avalos Razo established the first glass factory in Mexico City, in the old neighborhood of La Merced.

Monterrey, industrial cradle

In 1909, driven by the packaging needs of the emerging beer industry, the opening of Vidriera Monterrey, which decades later would become part of the Grupo Vitro, took place in Nuevo León.

The history of glass in Monterrey, Mexico, is thus a very important part of the region’s industrial history.

Beginnings: The glass industry in Monterrey began to take shape in the early 20th century. The company Vidriera Monterrey S.A. was founded in 1909 by Eugenio Garza Sada and other local businessmen.

Growth and expansion: Vidriera Monterrey expanded rapidly and became an important glass producer in Mexico. The company produced a wide range of glass products, including containers, windows and decorative objects. In 1929, it inaugurated its first flat glass plant, and in the following two decades it would initiate activities in the production of raw materials and the development of its own machinery and technology.

Integration into Grupo Vitro: In 1970, Vidriera Monterrey merged with other glass companies, such as Vitro and Cristalería Santa Clara, to form Grupo Vitro, one of the largest glass companies in Latin America. This merger allowed for further expansion and diversification in the glass industry.

Innovation and technology: Throughout its history, Grupo Vitro has been a pioneer in the implementation of advanced technologies in glass production. It has developed specialty glass for industrial, architectural and automotive applications.

Exports: The company has exported its glass products internationally, which has contributed significantly to Mexico’s economy and to the promotion of the glass industry globally.

The original headquarters of Vidriera Monterrey ceased to operate as a factory, and the old building has been transformed into a cultural center dedicated to telling the history of glass in Nuevo León and the world, known as the Museo del Vidrio (MUVI).

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